Air-to-water heat pump for outdoor installation Dimplex LA 6S-TU


Design for rooms up to 120 m2

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Modelis LA 6S-TU
Article number SKS-375530
Max flow temperature 60oC
Lower operating limit heat source (heating operation) -22 oC
Heat output A2/W35/ COP A2/W35 5,1kW/3,8
Heat output A-7/W35 /COP A-7/W35 4,0W/2,9
Heat output A7/W35 / COP A7/W35 6,4kW/4,6
Sound power level 56 dB (A)
Sound power level in 10m 28 dB (A)
Refrigerant/Amount of refrigerant R410A/3,4 kg
Max heating water flow rate/Pressure drop 1,15m3 pro h/12000 Pa
Rated voltage 3/N/PE~400 V, 50 Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D) 1350x945x600 mm
Heat source flow (min) 2700 m3 pro h
Type of defrosting Reverse circulation
Weight 185 kg

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Weight 185 kg
Dimensions 60 x 135 x 94.5 cm